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The Colorado Press Association Scholarship Fund helps to prepare and continue supporting individuals in the field of journalism. The focus of this opportunity is to identify individuals who are deeply committed to journalism and provide them with opportunities to renew or advance their enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge. The Colorado Press Association is committed to elevating and enhancing the efforts of individuals who have shown and dedicated their careers in journalism toward the efforts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These contributions are a promotion of the holistic impact that the journalism profession and membership hold in representing all communities that seek to hear and read about a more inclusive, equitable world. The fund provides scholarships to those who choose to attend programs that will improve their depth of knowledge of the subject areas of journalism to enhance their skills and effectiveness. Programs intended to increase a journalist’s knowledge of a subject area must include significant journalism content that can be applied directly to their current work.

Applications are accepted from individuals only. Each applicant must submit his/her/their own application. Applicants requesting support for more than one person will not be considered. Scholarship funds are not intended for use toward courses that are a part of a degree program or required to attain or maintain certification.


  • Employees at organizations with active membership in the Media, For-profit News Site or Nonprofit News Site categories at Colorado Press Association
  • Freelance journalists who are active Individual members of the Colorado Press Association, the Institute for Nonprofit News, Society of Professional Journalists, or an equivalent journalism membership that adheres to the strict ethics policies of one of the aforementioned membership organizations
  • Any working journalist of an active Allied member of Colorado Press Association

“Active” is defined as having paid membership dues at the time of application. Former members in “lapsed” dues status or non-members of membership organizations listed are ineligible for scholarships. Also, please note that this scholarship opportunity is focused specifically on print and online journalism. Any other form of journalism other than print and online will not be considered for this opportunity.

Applications are evaluated on their likelihood to support the Colorado Press Association Scholarship Fund’s goals and to provide the applicant with knowledge and skills which can be used to improve their work in the field of journalism. The main evaluation focus is on the possibility for improvement of an individual’s experiences and exposure in journalism as a field. The applicant’s experience level, plan for using what is learned in their current role, and the quality of the program in which he/she/they would like to participate will also be considered. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis. Award amounts will vary between $250 – $1,000 as a one-time award.

Awards are eligible for use toward courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, or other approved learning opportunities which will enhance a journalist’s knowledge and skills

For questions about the application, please contact Charmaine Brown at

Supplemental Questions
  1. How long have you been working in the field of journalism?
  2. Name of the course, seminar, or workshop that you would like to attend:
  3. Please provide a resume which details a brief description of your professional background to include dates of your education, your journalism experience, along with any achievements, community service, and awards..
  4. Program dates and location:
  5. Program application deadline:
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