Helen M. McLoraine Opportunity Scholarship

This scholarship program was created to provide educational scholarships for individuals who have had to face extraordinary or challenging circumstances, have actively taken steps to improve their lives, and are committed to advancing their education. This program is open to clients and former clients of select nonprofit agencies.


  • Be a client, or former client, of one of the seventeen nonprofit organizations participating in the program. Former clients must have received services within fifteen years of the application deadline. Participating organizations include: select Boys and Girls Clubs, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Emily Krzyzewski Center, Escuela De Guadalupe, Figure Skating in Harlem, Mount Saint Vincent Home, On Our Own, PHAMALY, Urban Peak, Warren Village, and WINGS Foundation.
  • Completed the criteria listed for their organization by the application deadline. For a list of the specific criteria, please click “here.”http://www.denverfoundation.org/Portals/0/Uploads/Documents/Final%202018%20McLoraine%20Opportunity%20Scholarship_Eligibility%20Criteria%20by%20Nonprofit.pdf
  • Currently enrolled at an accredited post-secondary school in the United States and/or be planning to study full-time or part-time for the upcoming academic year

Selection: Scholarships of varying amounts will be awarded once each year through a competitive process based on academic achievement/potential, recommendation letters, financial need, and a personal statement.

Award: Awards can be used toward tuition, fees, and required books and supplies for full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate study at technical school, community college, or four-year college or university for the 2019-2020 academic year. Individuals who have received an award in the past and are still enrolled in school are encouraged to apply for additional funding, but it is not be guaranteed an additional award will be given preference over new applicants.

Questions: Contact Charmaine Brown at cbrown@denverfoundation.org or 303-996-7328.

Helen M. McLoraine
Supplemental Questions
  1. Application History - Please check one:
  2. Nonprofit Referral
    • 1. Name of Nonprofit Organization Where You Were/Are a Client
    • 2. Dates You Were/Are a Client of Nonprofit (Month/Year - Month/Year)
  3. Employment
    • Current Employer
    • Hours Worked Per Week
    • Position/Title
  4. Letter Confirming Eligibility - Include a letter from a staff member at the organization at which you are or were a client. This letter should be on the organization's letterhead and include the following information: dates that you were a client, confirmation that you have met the eligibility requirements listed on the description page of this scholarship and the staff member's name, phone number, signature and title. If you have applied for this scholarship before, you can submit a copy of the original letter you submitted.
  5. Education Information
    • 1. Name of Current School
    • 2. Name of School You Plan to Attend in the Summer/Fall
    • 3. Date You Received (or Will Receive) Your High School Diploma/GED (Month/Year)
    • 4. Other Degrees or Certificates You Have Completed
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